Features Of Classic Messenger Services

Classic Messenger is an all-in-one communication tool that lets you exchange instant messages and emails, make phone calls, and share photos with friends and family.

You could use Classic Messenger to send instant messages about homework to a classmate, chat with friends or family around the country, or read sports and entertainment headlines with the Classic News Directly. Everyone using Classic Messenger must follow the Rules Of it. But just as there may be risks in the town where you live, the Classic Messenger community may pose certain risks. Classic Messenger offers a number of safety features, but you are expected to take an active role in protecting yourself online. Start by reviewing some general practices for online safety. Also keep the following in mind when you use Classic Messenger. They say unpleasant, sexually suggestive, or abusive things. Think carefully about who you want to communicate with and who to ignore. Also avoid clicking on Web links sent by strangers because these could be spam, viruses, or other annoying web sites. Classic Messenger also contains online chat features, but Classic Chat members under the age of 18 are not permitted to use chat. Online chat carries the risk of encountering unpleasant, sexually suggestive, or abusive language, as well as opening you up to people who might try to contact you by phone or in person. To find a safer place for younger people to chat, browse Safe chat category. Protect personal information: Don't give out personal information when exchanging instant messages with unknown people. A stranger could use this information to figure out your physical location.

Classic Messenger Allows you to instant message with anyone on the Own Classic server.

Note: (You must be a registered Classic Messenger user in order to use Classic Messenger. we are currently recording IP addresses of all Classic Messenger chat users.)

Calls - Unlimited Audio Calls & Video's Calls ( with Stereo Setting Sound )
Chat Confrences - Talk in confrences with dual mic point system, invite decline etc
Display - Display Your Picture, image with friends and family, with world.
Record Msg - Record Sending Voice Messeges (Audio and Video)
Public Chat Rooms - Classic Messenger Offers public Chat Rooms in Catagaries with change room keys Ex:/join Newyork:1
Custom Chat Rooms - Classic Messenger Offers Custom Chat Rooms with Ownership (Admin & Control) in Catagaries.
Colour Nick Names - Classic Messenger Offers Custom ID With Color for its paid users so can join multiple rooms.
Mic Point System - Classic Messenger have special mic point system with Multiple voice chat rooms.
Change Password - Change Password Option
Sign in Options - Sign in with popular social media ( i.e facebook & twitter etc )
Help Room - You can join help room if you got any problem regarding classic messenger services for issues.
Auto Update - Classic Messenger automatically checks for updates to Classic Messenger software.
Device Access - You Can use Classic Messenger into different devices such as Tables, Computers, Mobiles etc.
Special Offers - Buy Special Nick Names and Services with Classic Messenger with more options up to your limit time.
Status - Easily add links to your status messages moreover online, offline, DND ( Do not disturb )
File sharing - File-sharing of sizes up to 2GB was added to Classic Messenger
Webcam & Multiple - This option enables users from distances all over the world to view others who have installed a webcam on their end.
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Operating Systems: - Linux and Variants | Mac OS | Unix and Variants | Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Mobiles
Classic Messenger Known as 1. Classic Messenger Services, 2.Classic Messenger Networks , 3.Internet Messenger Services, regarding internet sites and search engines.

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