Learn to Chat in Classic Messenger Step by Step Chatting Tutorial

In this article we would give you a short tutorial how to chat in Classic Messenger. Learn to Chat in Classic Messenger that would be given to you step by step until you ready to make a chat with others or your friend via Classic Messenger. Chatting is basic ability among human. Communication is the keys of understanding each other. In World Wide Web, Fast communication usually used Instant Message Services such as Classic Messenger to be able to chat with each other. OK, let get started Learn Chat Step by Step in Classic Messenger.

How To Start ?

1. First, You need Internet Connection.
2. Second, You need Classic Messenger Chat Client. You can download it and Install.
3. Create Classic Account. (Just click the link to make a brand new Classic ID or you can use your own existed Classic Account / ID)
4. Open Classic Messenger
5. Login with Your Classic ID and Password then click sign in
6. Now within 5 second or more, you are in Classic Messenger and ready to chat. If you still don't have a friend to chat. Just Join to Classic Messenger Chat Room (Remember you must 18 above to use this Chat Room Feature) and find thousand of new friend in there.
7. Click On Chat Room / Join Chat , Select Your Chat Room And Enjoy the features of Classic Chat Messenger
8. Click on Sales selection to buy more features of classic messenger services.

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